What Makes the Casino Games So Important

Many are wondering what are the costs of a lunch, a dinner with friends, an alcoholic drink to be bought in the bar room or at a real casino restaurant. But lets get back to the main topic of this article.

Let’s start with foreign casinos

Call the valet and get yourself anything you want to drink: a coffee, a glass of prosecco, a nice cold beer, water, a coca-cola. All free! Do it as many times as you want, but be careful not to let your intent be understood, or rather to scrounge by drink.

Make friends with the barman leaving a tip and you will see that you will be treated well in subsequent drinks. At the tables you can drink for free , there is also a jug of water and one of coca-cola made available to all customers. At the entrance you will get free wipes to clean your hands, matches, lighters, etc. With the use of Online casino CLB this is the best deal that you can make use of all the strategies you need to have now.

Finer Options for the Cash Earning

Often when you play slots or commonly called cash machines, coffee is offered, just as at the tables drinks are often offered.

At the Casino, on the other hand, you will have to keep your eyes open, in fact the valet that will offer you peanuts, biscuits, orange juice, sprite and coca-cola will often pass by; one evening I was offered a nice plate of pasta with cherry. At the entrance free hand wipes, biscuits, peanuts, lighters, matches, etc. In the corners of the casino you will find glasses of water, coca-cola, sprite and other drinks, always offered by the casino.

But not all casinos are the same, in fact passing from abroad to Italy the ways of doing change, the mentality is very closed, but the prices are decidedly and clearly inferior.

Free and sparkling water dispenser, as well as orange juice. Never drink water at the bar, it is the most expensive drink there is.

The last trick that I give you to drink for free is the following

The trick works with a minimum of two people; enter a live casino with a friend at different times, sit at a roulette table at different times and start betting one on red and one on black, meanwhile order a drink.

  • You will have won a drink each.
  • Marco points to red. Giuseppe on the black.
  • Meanwhile they order a drink with the hope that zero will not come out.
  • They finish the drink, get up and leave.

This method can be used in places like Las Vegas, where there are dozens and dozens of casinos, so always changing casinos avoid attracting attention. Come in, drink and get away. In Las Vegas it’s even easier because the casinos are so big and there are so many people that they don’t care to give “for free”. study at universidad politecnica salesiana