The Rise of Mobile Slots

The mobile segment of gaming has been steadily outperforming all PC. Taking into account that smartphones were introduced not that long ago, this is the fastest developing trend in the industry so far!

There are still complex entertainments that people are more likely to enjoy on large screens. But when it comes to gambling games such as video slots, compact forms only reveals the best in them. There’s an opinion that the rise of mobile activities is connected to the generation of Millennials. It’s true that young people prefer performing all the regular tasks on the go, but it’s not them alone – most users utilize their smartphones for enhancing productivity and having fun. The average user checks the mobile device over 1,500 times a week – it’s clear that this is becoming an integral part of modern life.

Path to Innovation

The famous snake game was implemented in phones back in 1997, while the first mobile slot appeared in 2005. Since then, apps with slots and mobile gambling sites have been attracting more interest. Along with that, they have been improving their features and transforming from primitive entertainments to complex and highly immersive ones with mini-rounds, jackpots, and other additions. Recently discovered innovation even allow for creating mobile slots with 3D and VR elements. Industry experts believe that AR/VR technology is the future of casino slots development.

Since 2007 when Apple Store was launched, which also led to the emergence of Google Play, phone users received an opportunity to make in-app purchases, while content creators got the chance to access the market directly.

With Wi-Fi being everywhere now, it’s easy to kill time playing and exploring games or features. And with casino software providers adding new attractions to their games, it’s very thrilling.

Mobile slot machines are highly flexible, as they need to correspond with the pace of devices development. We see some improvements and revolutionary features every year – brands are competing with each other so harshly that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Casino apps and games should be optimized for all the latest versions of operating systems and offer a high level of usability.

Market Growth

Mobile gaming got bigger profit already in 2015. Each year, it almost doubles the revenue, reaching new audiences and growing exponentially. Hundreds of thousands of products are being annually developed specifically for portable devices. With a quality that modern smartphones can offer, practically nothing unique is left for desktop entertainments. Moreover, touch screen technology makes everything easier, while compactness of devices allows people to enjoy playing anywhere and anytime. Nowadays, smartphones can also be used as credit cards, which simplifies many processes, including dealing with funds on casino accounts.

Mobile Gaming Experience

Online gambling platforms offer a much wider choice of games, which is a great advantage. Only a couple of years ago, some of the entertainments, like live dealer solutions or video poker, for example, were not so commonly accessible via phones and tablets, but currently, you can enjoy any type of games on the go. As for the slots, they are offered in great variety. Check online slots guide to see how diverse can be their features – and all that can be accessed on your phone!

The thing is that mobile gambling is more convenient and in many ways more user-friendly. You can install apps or open mobile versions in browsers, trying out favorite titles for free or entering the real-money mode in a few clicks. Every process is being simplified without compromising quality or security.